Werner's Travel Agency

My name is Werner Schlierkamp, born in 1957 in Namibia, my parents came early 50s from Germany and have met in Namibia. For more than 30 years I have been working as a freelance tour guide for tour operators and individuals in Namibia. 

As a member of my family is in a wheelchair and I am therefore very familiar with the requirements for the implementation of traveling with disabilities, I would like to offer these trips also for them. I would like to offer these people an unforgettable holiday as everyone else. So I have put together tours that are also cater for wheelchair users. 

But we also get more and more requests from travellers with disabilities (especially wheelchair) for travel to the neighbouring country Namibia - Botswana. Many lodges have now adjusted to travellers with disabilities to wheelchair users, the most tourist destinations are accessible for wheelchair users. 

Our guides are of the best and waiting for you to bring you closer to our beautiful nature / paradise. This should be your most unforgettable tour in life. 

Just come and let we spoil you to the upmost. 

Namibia has so much to offer as it is one of the most contrasting country in the world. There is no lack of fauna, flora and bird species in this country.